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Carol Worthey Events 2015


"Some major events of 2015. Don't forget
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2015 Events Archive Table

     "Marmalade and Great Conversation!"
       ~Los Angeles, California
     "Ten Composers and Five Great Sightreaders Flourish with NEW MUSIC at ASMAC Woodwind Quintet Reading Session!"
       ~Los Angeles, California
     "A Choral Calendar" Is Inaugurated!"
       ~Portland, Oregon
     "European premiere 'Snow Flurries' - Aima Maria Labra-Makk, Pianist"
       ~Oberpullendorf, Burgenland, Austria
     "Delicious Concert features Premiere of The Ice Cream Sweet and
       Audience Eats It Up!"
       ~Hong Kong
     "Happy New Year!"

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Carol Worthey / David Raiklen

Marmalade and Great Conversation!

Monday, September 28th, 2015

Filmscorer, TV composer David Raiklen (who is a cordial and brilliant moderator of Composer/Performer/Industry Panels and guests at the Ravel Orchestration Workshop, Studio City) met with Carol Worthey and her husband Ray Korns on a busy Monday (September 28th, 2015) at David's gracious invitation.
Many fascinating anecdotes and insights into composing, career and life were shared over a delightful breakfast at cheery Marmalade Cafe on Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks, California. David is so busy that he impressed Carol and Ray by multi-tasking during all the lively conversation (not missing a beat) because of all the recording coming up under his charge --- a man who multi-tasks (extraordinary) and Carol and Ray never felt neglected.
On this page is Ray's photo of David Raiklen and Carol Worthey at the table to give you an idea of the sparkle of conversation and warmth.
David Raiklen is one of the forces keeping the momentum and collaborative spirit of the Ravel Orchestration Workshop going (after founder of the workshop and Academy of Scoring Arts famous TV composer Ron Jones has gone into a delightful semi-retirement and moved to his "mountain" paradise up North) What is the Ravel? A topnotch group of composers (both emerging, student as well as renowned), arrangers, performers, techie and recording or film industry folks get together once a month at Vitello's Jazz Room to study various genius examples of orchestration skill. In the past it has been Ravel's "Daphnis & Chloe", Copland's "Appalachian Spring", John Williams' "Star Wars" orchestral suite.
September's meeting featured the start of our score study of Leonard Bernstein 's "Symphonic Dances from West Side Story" and featured videos of different interpretations of the music (notably by Bernstein as conductor of the Israeli Philharmonic and by Gustavo Dudamel conducting the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra.) David Raiklen interviewed Ravel Guest Speaker, famous Trumpeteer Rick Baptist and newly elected Vice-President at Musicians Union Local 47 in Hollywood, California. The interview was fascinating and informative and covered many different areas of interest and concern among composers and performers today. Rick has retired from being one of the busiest and most respected studio musicians in Hollywood to undertake handling some of these concerns and intends to bring back a lot of the movie jobs to Hollywood that have gone far afield. He is such an ace. David Raiklen 's interview was genius — he really knows how to bring a guest speaker to the fore.
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The entire ASMAC reading session, composers & performers

Ten Composers and Five Great Sightreaders Flourish with NEW MUSIC
at ASMAC Woodwind Quintet Reading Session!

Saturday, August 22nd, 2015, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Los Angeles City College
Music Band Room

Music by Carol Worthey

American Society of Music Arrangers & Composers (ASMAC) presented a superb Reading Session with some great studio musicians displaying their sightreading chops and musicality: Karin Hoesli , flutist; Dave Kossoff , oboist; Helen Goode Castro , clarinetist; Melissa Bulger Hendrickson , hornist, and bassoonist Chuck Fernandez , read through the ten woodwind quintet works that participating composers had created after attending the ASMAC Writing for Woodwind Quintet Master Class run by Chuck Fernandez a month or so earlier.
On October 18th ASMAC will present all these works in a special Woodwind Quintet Recital (location and time not yet announced.) Carol Worthey says, "The fact that the "Writing for Woodwind Quintet" Master Class produced ten new pieces or suites by Los Angeles area composers is outstanding --- a sign of how informative and inspiring the ASMAC workshop was. Thank you, ASMAC and Chuck Fernandez ." Other composers participating (partial list) were Deon Nielsen Price , Jeannie Pool , and Berkeley Price who kindly conducted Carol's work as well as Deon's.
Here (from the Reading Session) is the recording of Carol Worthey 's new woodwind quintet work, "Home", the first movement of her suite "Journey" for woodwind quintet.

  Journey: 1. Home (ASMAC Reading Session)

The rest of the "Journey" suite will (after "1. Home" ) be: "2. Restless for Adventure", "3. Departure", "4. Danger at The Crossroads", "5. Magical Encounter", "6. Endless Horizon", "7. Home at Last". Truly this work is designed to take the listener on a "Journey."
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Unistus Chamber Choir
Concert Program
A Choral Calendar - May cover
A Choral Calendar - May verse

A Choral Calendar" Is Inaugurated!
A superb choir performs "May" on May 15th, 2015

Unistus Chamber Choir, Lonnie Cline, Director

Music by Carol Worthey

Inspiration can come as a gentle breeze or as a whirlwind. One morning Carol Worthey read a poem on facebook that someone had posted, depicting February. Carol answered it with a poem about March, her birth month. What followed was a breathless rush of words, as poems describing month after month flooded into her universe, images and internal rhymes and ironies lifting her into a veritable whirlwind of words, almost faster than she could write them down. As Carol wrote, what came to her that intense morning was how unique each month actually is (the weather, the moods, the holidays, the challenges and joys of each month) and yet there is a reassuring flow from one season to the next that rounds out the year in a circle of time. At the end of that breathless morning, twelve poems were complete and could have existed just as they were, but Carol Worthey is, after all, a composer. She knew that expressive music would bring the sensation of the passing year alive, so she decided to set the "months" to music for choir. A Choral Calendar was born.
Once she had completed the settings of all twelve months, it was ready for a superb Southern California chamber choir that had previously premiered an earlier work --- the choir director had requested the work and was all set to begin rehearsals. However, no sooner was the last note added to the score than Carol was dismayed to find out that the choir had folded due to unforseen but unavoidable financial woes. The search for an equally superb choir began. It would demand a brilliant choral director and a choir with perfect intonation, expressive phrasing and sensitive balance to take on the challenge of rehearsing and performing this major work, a versatile and varied 38-minute a cappella piece. This was not something a mediocre choir could even attempt.
This search was to take several frustrating years. One morning at Ravel Orchestration Workshop, Carol expressed this frustration to her friend and founder of the workshop, renowned TV filmscorer (Star Trek Next Generation; Family Guy) and jazz bandleader Ron Jones (who had graduated with Carol Worthey in the same class years ago at Grove School of Music). Ron Jones suggested Choral Director Lonnie Cline and his Unistus Chamber Choir. Ron was just about to go for a two-day honorary celebration of his music and career at his alma mater Clackamas College in Oregon where Lonnie was an esteemed professor and music director. What a great colleague and friend: Ron volunteered to take Carol's full score there. When Maestro Cline looked at the score, he understood it, he loved it and savored all its subtleties and pizzaz. He even expressed to Carol that the overall work made sense structurally in the way it moved through the months with dramatic energy. Specifically, this is what Lonnie wrote:
"Wow, I just finished outlining the harmonic scheme for your Choral Calendar and again I'm knocked out! I have always believed that great music is like great poetry. Some poems tell an easily accessible story with a descriptive narrative and most readers get the message right away. Other poems are steeped in image and the reader is intrigued but in awe with curiosity. The greatest poetry, in my opinion, combines a strong narrative supported by profound image. And, that's what you have done in a delightfully fresh manner! I can't wait to begin rehearsing this bouquet of notes and rhythms with my ensemble. It will be fun to get their impression and feedback. knocked it out of the park! Congrats!"
                  --- Lonnie Cline Choral Director
What a joy it is for a composer to be understood and appreciated by a truly fine musician! And so Carol Worthey is indeed proud to announce that the superb Unistus Chamber Choir will world-premiere all of "A Choral Calendar" in 2016! After extensive rehearsal, Lonnie chose to give a little "preview" to whet the appetite of his wide public in the area. And so "May" was presented as part of Inspiration... if music be the food of life , a concert held in Portland, Oregon at the First Christian Church on May 15th, 2015. Here is "May" from A Choral Calendar , ably performed by the Unistus Chamber Choir under the direction of Lonnie Cline.

  A Choral Calendar - 'MAY' (Unistus Chamber Choir, Lonnie Cline, Director)

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Aima Maria Labra-Makk, Piano
Concert Poster
Snow Flurries Cover

European Premiere of
"Snow Flurries"
(for Solo Piano)

Aima Maria Labra-Makk, Piano

Music by Carol Worthey

Snow and Music set up Flurries of Excitement in Austria in a concert honoring Women Composers of today and yesterday!
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Stanley Wong, Piano
Tickets for HK City Hall Recital Hall, Hong Kong
HK City Hall Recital Hall, Hong Kong
Composer Carol Worthey does extended research for The Ice Cream Sweet
The Ice Cream Sweet by Carol Worthey, Composer

Music & Food
Art Fusion

World Premiere of
"The Ice Cream Sweet"
(Suite for Solo Piano)

Stanley Wong, Piano

Music by Carol Worthey

On March 15th, 2015 in Hong Kong Pianist Stanley Wong presented his very original concept First Loves: Music & Food Concert, the occasion for many delightful pieces by contemporary composers from around the world, including Boris Kozak and Judith Lang Zaimont, and the World-Premiere of a work he commissioned from Carol Worthey, The Ice Cream Sweet for Solo Piano. Apparently, as Stanley Wong tells it, the audience was completely rapt and enraptured throughout the entire eighteen-minute work, with no coughing, no sound whatsoever, just completely "with him" during the performance! How delicious is that?!! Afterwards, everyone enjoyed scrumptious dishes and desserts.
Carol's idea for the commission was to create a varied suite of solo piano pieces depicting a spectrum of flavors chosen to represent just some of the huge variety of tastes and ingredients popular around the world. These would be expressive, pianistic pieces that had the "flavor" (mood, characteristics, and essence) of a select group of flavors, almost like a tasting trip around the globe. When conceiving the title, Carol decided to spell "suite" like "sweet"!
To unify the different sections and moods Carol employed a similar approach to Moussegorsky 's Pictures at An Exhibition, in that interludes, introductions and marches were interspersed between the movements as connections to transition from one "flavor" to another. The work begins with a Grand March of Flavors that leads to Vanilla Goes with Everything — a charming turn-of-the-century march (vanilla was first introduced at an International Exposition during the Belle Epoque). A bell-like exotic interlude follows that introduces Ginger (an Aria with a piquant, spicy and passionate lyricism — think Puccini 's Madama Butterfly or Turandot ). Then a rhythmic and exciting March for All Things Chocolate begins the celebration of that beloved flavor introducing one of the most unique pieces in the suite: Double Fudge Chocolate Fugue, a contrapuntal work based on the spelling of "fudge" with the theme being F-D-G-E. An amusing anecdote details the origin of this particular piece: When Stanley Wong heard that Carol had decided to compose a work in honor of Double Fudge Chocolate, he misread "fudge" to be "fugue" and thus was born the idea of actually creating a real fugue. Following the fun formality of the fugue comes Mango Meets Coconut, a bossa-nova tropical smooth-jazz type work that contrasts perfectly with the fugue. A radiant and romantic Falling in Love introduces The Romance of Coffee and Butter Pecan (Carol and her husband Ray's favorite flavors). Next The Melting of Mint Chocolate Chip features passages in staccato in imitation of the tiny "chips." The gourmet delight of Cherries Jubilee (cherries in brandy over vanilla ice cream set aflame) is serenaded in a passacaglia (repeated harmonic base that builds in rhapsodic feeling), then nearly at the end is a wild, dissonant, humorous depiction of Rocky Road with its chunks of chocolate, nuts and marshmallow, very virtuosic and fun. The suite concludes with a return of the Grand March of Flavors and ends literally with a bang!
Carol Worthey says, "Ice Cream! After the wheel, I honestly consider Ice Cream to be the second best invention in human history. After all, no one has been killed in the making or eating of this delightful concoction... not to my knowledge. It is my hope to evoke happy memories for children of all ages in this work so that listeners actually feel as if they have had a wee taste of each flavor and experience a return of joy, playfulness and sweet times!"

  The Ice Cream Sweet - World Premiere HK (Stanley Wong, Piano)

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Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

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