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Carol Worthey Events 2007


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2007 Events Archive Table

     "Biennale d'Arte Contemporanea di Firenze 2007"
     "Florence world-premiere 'Fanfare for The New Renaissance'"
     "Carol's poem published in anthology"
     "Carol attends Jamaican Spirit Opening"
     "Seventh Annual Festival of The Arts"
     "La Belle Ebell is 80 years old!"
     "ARTZworks Gallery Judaica Show, Ventura, California"
     "Carol Attends The Russ Garcia Arranging/Composing Workshop"
     "IAWM Journal Article"
     "ARTZworks Gallery Opening, Ventura, California"
     "Carol Worthey receives ACME Award"
     "Carol's husband President again"
     "Piatigorsky Seminar"
     "Chinese Dizi Master"
     "Zachary Society Competition"
     "Mu Phi Epsilon Chapter Grant"
     "Artists for Human Rights Presentation"
     "Royal Gallery Opening, Glendale, California"
     "6th Annual Women in New Music Festival 'inner voices' at Cal State Fullerton"
     "Carol Worthey welcomed as a new member of The Ebell of Los Angeles"
     "BMI Exec visits Carol"
     "Wheeler School Alumnae Reception"
     "A Choral Taste of LA"
     "IAS New Years Ball"

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Carol Worthey loves Firenze!
Biennale display setup
Carol Worthey with Biennale Award
Carol Worthey Biennale Award

At last, Carol Worthey ’s paintings have arrived after a meandering, tentative journey involving a curious combination of numbing idiocy and unexpected kindness. Here at the Biennale’s excellent location of Exhibit Space Number 748, the rudely crossed-out [accurate] address on her box bears sly witness to this misadventure. Since results are what counts in the international Fine Art world, Carol’s joy and relief know no bounds! Bless the box, bless the walls, bless the Biennale, bless the future--let’s wear sunglasses, it looks so bright!

And here at last the paintings hang at the Biennale Exhibit, full of sound and fury, signifying SOMETHING!

Little did Carol realize when she painted “From The Ashes, Rebirth” how tellingly appropriate it was for Florence. She knew about book burnings during the Armenian genocide (1915) and during Hitler times and the horrific flames of the ancient Library at Alexandria. And yet... this same violation had been inflicted within the cobblestones of beautiful Florence: At the very time that interest in ancient Greek and Roman literature, history, art and philosophy was pouring into the streets of Florence like Tuscan winter rains, an insidious force of destruction was about to suppress creativity, joy and exploration. A puritanical and obsessive monk named Savonarola imposed his insane will upon most of the populace to burn ancient manuscripts, “frivolous” jewels and gorgeous art in infamous “Bonfires of The Vanities” . Compare the early rhapsodic paintings of Botticelli with the dark and brooding work he did under the influence of this inquisition and contrast between repression and renaissance becomes chillingly clear. And so it was that the Florentine public responded to “From The Ashes, Rebirth” with wide-eyed nods of understanding. The Armenian and Israeli artists at the exhibit were similarly drawn to the work and it became an entry point for Carol (as a representative of Artists for Human Rights ) to point out “Freedom of Thought” as one of our thirty intrinsic Human Rights.

As for the diptych (two paintings which form a whole scene) "Musical Mermaids 1 & 2" , they fit the Florence setting perfectly, fashioned as they were to be modern sirens inspired by Botticelli’s early images of magical graceful figures (the Uffizi has two of his best!). Carol’s two underwater beauties in a sea swirling with rhythmic currents that reminded some viewers of Van Gogh’s Starry Night really drew positive comments from visitors, art historians, fellow artists and musicians from around the world! The attendees there on Opening Day of the Florence Biennale, December 1st, 2007 who heard the World Premiere of Carol Worthey ’s brass piece “Fanfare for The New Renaissance” (written in honor of the Biennale and the city of Florence) were particularly enlivened to see the opening theme painted on the two paintings as if pouring from the mermaids’ instruments. Combining painting and music is Carol Worthey ’s specialty!

Meeting 850 fine artists, photographers and sculptors at the Biennale from 74 countries was a lifetime joy for Carol. To her surprise, her natural exuberance is actually quite at home amongst the Italians and most of the other nationalities.  Making people feel welcome is one of her favorite things to do.

Carol Worthey ’s most thrilling moment at the Biennale came on the last day, at the last moments of the Awards Ceremony, after the awards for First, Second, Third-Fourth-and-Fifth Art Prizes in Mixed Media, Photography, Sculpture and Painting had been awarded.  She was honored with a special Recognition Prize, the first ever for music at the Biennale, presented to Carol by Mr. Celona , President of the Florence Biennale, in an elegant Plaque encased in box of wood and blue velvet.  What a surprise and what an honor!

Dichiarazione dell'artista
Artist's Statement
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Maestro Luca Benucci conducts the Brass Dimension Ensemble
Carol Worthey and Luca Benucci following fanfare
Carol Worthey addresses distinguished audience
Carol Worthey addresses distinguished audience

Carol Worthey presented a concert, the world-premiere performance of "Fanfare for The New Renaissance" , on the opening day of the 2007 Florence Biennale International Contemporary Art Exhibit at the historic Fortezza da Basso in Florence, Italy. The work was performed by the ten-piece Brass Dimension Ensemble under the direction of renowned conductor and internationally known horn virtuoso Luca Benucci .

Carol addressed a distinguished audience of international artists, dignitaries and media encouraging the Biennale artists to join Artists for Human Rights to spread the word about our thirty human rights as codifed in the United Nations' International Declaration of Human Rights . Carol received a strong positive audience reaction when she asked the artists "Wouldn't you like to see a 'New Renaissance' happen here on Earth?"

Carol wrote and dedicated "Fanfare for The New Renaissance" especially in honor of the Biennale and the City of Firenze (Florence). In a spontaneous and unprecedented gesture, the musicians insisted on performing the Fanfare a second time to a standing ovation. The performance was filmed for broadcast on local and national Italian television.

Biennale artist and BBC photographer Danish Saroee took these excellent photographs of Carol and Luca Benucci and they are used with his permission.


  Fanfare for The New Renaissance (Florence premiere live - mono)

Carol recommends that you click on the links below for more data on these remarkable colleagues.

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Spirit of Humanity - Poetic Visions of a Better World
Spirit of Humanity - Poetic Visions of a Better World

Anthologies can sometimes be a mixed bag--this one is a surprisingly good read throughout! Seventy-one poets, established or emerging but all with individual voices, share glimpses into some universal themes peppered by flashes of unexpected wording or brazen insights. The poems range in emotion, sometimes disheartened, other times exalted, but all of them thought-provoking.

Editor Tracy Lynn Repchuk , founder and President of the Canadian Federation of Poets , has done an exceptional job of gathering well-crafted works, and the book has a certain heft which puts it into a “real book” category beyond the usual slim chapbook.

Carol Worthey is represented by her soaring and ironic tribute to the power of music, “Rain Oh Music Reign” , the final poem in the anthology.

Intriguing and attractive paintings, drawings and photographs are scattered throughout to create visual interest. If you enjoy the art of poetry and are hoping to discover contemporary poets who do more than rant, add this to your library.

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Mike Johnson, Owner / Carol Worthey

Carol Worthey was delighted to attend the opening of the "Jamaican Spirit" exhibit at the Johnson Art Collection gallery on Melrose. Gallery owner, Mike Johnson has assembled the works of three premier Jamacian artists: Bernard Hoyes , Adrian Wong Shue and Gene Pearson O.D. for this show.

In the picture you see the exhibit's signature work, "Hip Rhythm I" by Bernard Hoyes .

Carol enjoyed meeting and talking with all three artists as well as seeing their exceptional works. She encourages you to visit the show if you are in Los Angeles.

The exhibit runs THROUGH NOVEMBER 17TH, 2007 .

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Carol Worthey reading 'Creative Conspiracy'
Carol Worthey at Art Exhibit

At the Seventh Annual Artists for A Better World Arts Festival , Carol Worthey participated in two separate events, a poetry reading and an art exhibit. The festival was held at Celebrity Centre International, Hollywood and attracted artists and visitors from all over the country.

Here you see Carol reading two poems ( “Creative Conspiracy” and “E-ternal Question” ) in her engaging and highly personal style. Sixteen other distinguished and gifted poets joined Carol at this reading, the official launch of the eagerly-awaited anthology “The Spirit of Humanity” , Editor, Tracy Lynn Repchuk .

Carol would like to share this sentiment with you (from “E-ternal Question” ),

What happened to the letter
at the end of the word
that turns ‘human’ to ‘humane’?

Copyright © 2007 Carol Worthey

The AFABW art exhibit featured the oil, acrylic, watercolor and mixed media paintings, photographs, murals and handmade artist-quality crafts of over thirty talented artists. Here you see Carol in front of her popular exhibit, including her new Judaica piece, “Zaida’s Present.” Talented singer-songwriter Andrea Ross-Greene came by to visit and commented, “You can see the life in each of these paintings! They live and breathe!”


"Musical Mermaid"

48" x 72"

"Beyond The Storm"

8 1/4" x 13 1/4"

"Zaida's Present"

11" x 17" image

"Tuscany: Flowershop Reflections"

23 7/8" x 29 7/8"
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Ann Davis / Audrey Bornstein (top) / June Bilgore (bottom) / Carol Worthey

The oldest women's club in Los Angeles was founded in the heyday of 1927, the year Lindbergh flew the Atlantic. The gorgeous Ebell building complex remains one of the most beautiful architectural and historical gems in Los Angeles with its famous auditorium-theatre (The Wilshire-Ebell), its tranquil garden, lush banquet hall and reception areas, and various art treasures. Carol is a new member but from the start has been impressed with the warm welcome she has received and the members' sincere interest in art, ecology and community involvement, and is glad to see that the membership bridges most of the ethnicities in this great melting-pot city.

And so it is that scores of members and guests enjoyed a gala lunch celebrating eighty successful years during which the primary goals of this organization have been moved forward:

  1. Historical preservation and restoration of the beautiful Ebell complex,
  2. strong commitment to arts & culture enrichment of Los Angeles and environs, and
  3. philanthropic work for a variety of needs throughout the community, state and country.

Happy 80th, La Belle Ebell! You don't look a day over sixty!

(PS In the picture, in the background to the right is noted (blind) pianist, composer, lyricist, arranger and cabaret singer, Howlett "Smitty" Smith at the keyboard.)

Visit: The Ebell.
Visit: Howlett Smith.
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Carol Worthey
ARTZworks Gallery
Carol Worthey / Jim Hines / Petrina Sharp
Century Theater on Main (across the street)

Carol Worthey was invited to exhibit her Judaica artworks at a special "The Art of Kosher Wine" exhibit on Sunday, September 30th at ARTZworks Gallery . 540 Main Street in picturesque downtown Ventura, California, where vivid Judaica paintings by David Schwartz , Gallery owner, and other talented Jewish artists were viewed by an admiring crowd.  This event launched a new group, Chavurah by The Sea , a "gathering of friends" growing modern and traditional Judaism in Ventura County, and there was a sense of festivity in the air. Gallery visitors enjoyed a very delicious Kosher Wine Tasting hosted by Herzog Winery to the sounds of live Klezmer-flavored and Israeli folk music.  Because of the mood of cameraderie, aesthetics and superb wine, the cry "L'Chaim" ("To Life!") rang out more than once!

At this joyful event Carol unveiled a new painting "Zaida's Present" depicting a special moment from her past, a tender recollection of her wise and kindly grandfather with a self-portrait of the artist at age three by his side--mostly reconstructed from memory in a new genre the artist calls a "memory portrait", telling a story of the heart.  Carol also displayed two other Judaism-inspired art pieces "Everlasting Flame" and "Barbed Wire Heart" and the two music scores illustrated with these particular Judaica works, "The Unquenchable Light" (Chanukah song for Choir) and "Terezin Triptych" (cello/piano sonata dedicated to the survivors, victims and liberators from Theresienstadt Concentration Camp).  Also on display was Carol's precious copy of the book Pirke Abot (or Sayings of The Fathers, illustrated by Saul Raskin , the book which was indeed "Zaida's Present" depicted in her new painting.)

L'Chaim, indeed and Mazel Tov to all who created this heartwarming celebration!


"Zaida's Present"

11" x 17" image

"Barbed Wire Heart"

5 1/4" x 5 1/16"

"Everlasting Flame"

6" x 5" image (including white border)
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Gina Garcia / Russ Garcia / Carol Worthey
Russ Garcia's famous book!

Famous Arranger/Orchestrator/Composer Russ Garcia gave a delightful and enlightening Arranging/Composing Workshop on August 25th, 2007 that was sponsored by ASMAC (American Society of Music Arrangers & Composers) and hosted by the Musicians Union, Local 47 in Hollywood. Russ is known not only for his many outstanding jazz and big band arrangements, but also for his evocative film scores (including one for the sci fi movie "The Time Machine" ) as well as his major symphonic works performed all over the world. His background in Oakland where there were two sixty-five-piece youth orchestras in his High School was perfect to give him hands-on experience at a young age--Carol wishes there were music programs like that in today's schools. Russell worked for major motion picture companies when they had superb in-house orchestras at the ready. At one point Russ met for three hours with Dmitri Shostakovich (a compassionate and warm person who was always in fear for his life back in his native land), and he knew Stravinsky (who he says had a marvelous sense of humor) when Stravinsky lived in Los Angeles. Although Russ quit college when the professors were more interested in teaching out of books than in practical knowhow (he had already been arranging and composing with ease, skill and imagination for years), Russell Garcia is now a Professor in a Chinese University where he says the students are wonderfully attentive. Among the Who's Who he has arranged for are Ella Fitzgerald , Frank Sinatra , Mel Torme and Stan Kenton . Russ also studied with the likes of Ernst Krenek , worked with Henry Mancini and learned enough about composing strict Twelve Tone Rows to be able to follow or break the rules effectively. Russ spoke at length to us about the masterful composing methods of Bela Bartok (another composer whose sense of humor Russ noted) and how Bartok’s rhythmic sense related to Bach and to us today; Hindemith was another example of the link between music, mathematics and Bach --yes, we agree, Bach swings. Russ imparted to us that melody and harmony and counterpoint are not really separate subjects but are linked inextricably-- Carol Worthey concurs wholeheartedly with this approach. Russell and his beautiful wife Gina now live in New Zealand so this workshop was a unique chance to meet and hear him in person. Russ still has more work than he can take on--his youthful, unpretentious and refreshing attitude combines practical wisdom, dry wit, and optimism.

The Russ Garcia workshop was a rare opportunity to get insights into the shaping of effective music from an absolute master--who happens to be one of the funniest anecdote-tellers in the entertainment industry! Russ autographed Carol’s copy of his book with the words: "Hey Carol!  Keep making byutiful music!" Carol shares his philosophy of "keep it simple and playable and give all the instruments something they will enjoy playing." In particular Carol enjoyed hearing about Russ' concept of "rhythmic curves", a method of thinking which involves using rhythmic structures to create a sense of unification and diversity within the same piece--the technical explanation of this is beyond the scope of this writeup but is well worth investigating. Carol Worthey heartily recommends Russ' classic book The Professional Arranger Composer published by Criterion Music Corporation.

Visit: Russell Garcia.
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IAWM Journal, Cover Art by Carol Worthey

With a signature piece of Carol Worthey 's artwork "Musical Mermaid" (See: here ) gracing the cover and featuring Carol's inspiring article exploring the differences and similarities between visual art and music (as art-forms and as careers), the long-awaited IAWM Journal is now published and distributed!

One of the most highly-regarded music publications in the world, the IAWM Journal is lovingly edited by Eve Meyer , printed at University of Nebraska Press and officially published by International Alliance for Women in Music . Each issue contains articles entertaining and enlightening, from career trends and tips for the contemporary composer and performer to fascinating stories of the lives and creations of women composers of the past, famous or as yet relatively unknown. The IAWM Journal is anticipated by scholars, composers, performers, advocates for women's music, educators, managers, students and organizations around the world. Carol is proud to share her writings and thoughts with other renowned contributors such as Judith Lang Zaimont .

Carol welcomes you to read "Intriguing Counterpoint: The Joys & Tribulations of Dual Careers in Composing and Painting" by clicking on the link below.

View Document   Intriguing Counterpoint - IAWM Journal   DPI: 200   Size: 6.9M

Visit: IAWM.
Visit: Judith Lang Zaimont.
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Tammy Glenn / David Schwartz / Carol Worthey
Carol Worthey / Tammy Glenn
Carol Worthey / Molly McGuire
Carol Worthey / Dan Holmes

Carol Worthey and her husband Ray Korns attended a gala event at ARTZworks gallery , 540 Main Street, Ventura, California, a gallery owned by artist David Schwartz . Works of talented local Ventura artists were featured and David unveiled his latest creation, a vibrant and imaginative painting of the charming shops, restaurants and Art Deco theatre that make a walk down Main Street Ventura such a fun adventure. David personalized our poster with a nice drawing created on the spot.

David had contacted Carol earlier this year when he found out that she too had been a fellow art student of Providence legend, Mr. Conti . Now both David and Carol have another link--both have been invited to exhibit their paintings this December at the 2007 Florence Biennale International Contemporary Art Show! So it was high time to meet in person.

Ray and Carol enjoyed meeting David's wife Tammy Glenn , who blends warmth and entrepreunerial spirit, and friendly watercolorist Molly McGuire , whose miniature tropical watercolor Ray and Carol now proudly own, and the remarkable photographer Dan Holmes , who captures split-second magic in nature.

Ventura is really worth a stop and when you do, go visit ARTZworks on Main Street.

Visit: ARTZworks.
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Carol Worthey ACME Award Certificate

Carol Worthey is deeply honored and delighted to announce that she has been unanimously elected to ACME, the prestigious honor society of Mu Phi Epsilon International Professional Music Fraternity as their newest member.

ACME stands for A rtists (i.e., Performers), C omposers , M usicologists , E ducators . On ACME’s roster are distinguished and acclaimed musicians from around the world who share in the Mu Phi Epsilon mission to foster music, friendship and harmony on a world-wide basis.

Carol’s photo and accomplishments will be on display at the 2008 Mu Phi Epsilon International Convention and her name will be listed on the ACME roster published in the Mu Phi Epsilon Journal, The Triangle.

Above is the ACME certificate, now proudly framed on the wall of Carol’s composing studio, where it will rekindle daily her commitment to help create a better world through the arts.

Visit: Mu Phi Epsilon.
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Renaissance Speakers #2374

Carol’s supportive husband and well-liked raconteur Ray Korns has become the only Toastmaster in our internationally renowned Renaissance Speakers Club to be elected twice as President. Ray’s fun-loving spirit and inspiring wisdom will enliven each meeting.

Toastmaster International’s International Director Ann Hastings conducted the Installation of new officers with panache and astute advice. Immediate Past President Jeff Harman has left a proud legacy of expansion and Carol herself was proud to serve during Jeff’s term as Club Secretary, passing her post on to Barbara Lewis .

Renaissance Speakers #2374 Toastmaster Club continues to grow in membership, with many members speaking outside the club, winning speech contests and generally making waves. In the past year alone we have launched sister Renaissance Speakers Clubs in Sydney, Australia, Pasadena, California and Clearwater, Florida.

Our meetings are held each Sunday from 9 a.m. until noon in the Little Theatre at Celebrity Centre in Hollywood--expect a warm welcome and a lot of fun! As "First Lady" Carol can’t help but be proud of her remarkable spouse! You can visit Ray Korns’ entertaining new blog here .

   Visit: Renaissance Speakers.
Visit: Ann Hastings.    Visit: Raymond E. Korns.
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USC Piatigorsky Cello Seminar

Carol Worthey attended an entire day of the world-renowned Gregor Piatigorsky Seminar for Cellists at the University of Southern California (USC). This six day marathon of cello artistry featured three of the most famous cellists and mentors in the world, Nathaniel Rosen , Erling Blondal Bengtsson and Natalia Gutman .

Listening to gifted young cellists from around the world prepare for world-class careers under the watchful and insightful eyes of the indefatiguable Natalia Gutman was an experience Carol will never forget. Natalia Gutman was riveting in her spontaneity and mastery of every nuance (emotional or technical) in the music.

Mary Au headed a distinguished list of accompanists (including Valeria Morgovskaya ) and seemed effortless in her quick handling of any pianistic need, often at split-second notice.

Carol was happy to see several grade school cellists watching every move and every instruction, on the edge of their seats with an interest that belies all over-publicized concern about "short attention spans" in our youth. Among the talented cellists selected from many applicants were Xian Zhuo from China, Agnieszua Kolodziej from Poland and Konstantin Manaev from Russia.

Carol is certain that a very bright future awaits any listener or performer who loves this great "voice of humanity", the Cello.

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Yicheng Zhang, Dizi Master

Carol Worthey and Ray Korns were greatly honored to be invited into the home of Chinese Master of Dizi, Zhang Yicheng , celebrated virtuoso of a wide variety of Chinese flutes and classical woodwind instruments of all types and sizes. Concert Pianist Mary Au escorted us there and had contacted Master Zhang, requesting that he guide Carol with his knowledge of Chinese Classical Orchestras. His music has been recorded in such Hollywood movies and TV Series as "Kung-Fu – The Legend Continues" , "Hercules" , "Xena" and "The Red Corner" , among others. He and his lovely wife, a distinguished pianist and cellist in her own right, praised Carol’s composition in its beginning stages, "Jade Flute in Lo-Yang" for Dizi, Erhu and Pipa with Symphony Orchestra.

Master Zhang generously mentored Carol on many basic principles and characteristics of Chinese music. He delighted us by performing on a dizzying variety of evocative, colorful and rare instruments and we had the pleasure of enjoying special tea while listening to his gorgeous composition "Longing" written for his father to celebrate their reunion after many years absence. Then Mary Au and Ray and Carol feasted on authentic delicacies at the wonderful Chinese restaurant "Ocean Star" in Monterey Park, California.

Above is a photograph of Zhang Yicheng, playing a Dizi (bamboo flute).

Visit: Mary Wai-Yin Au.
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Zachary Society Competition

Carol Worthey and Ray Korns attended The Loren L. Zachary Society’s 35th Anniversary Grand Finals Concert of the 2007 National Vocal Competition for Young Opera Singers . Each and every contestant was phenomenally gifted with gorgeous voice, great presence and emotional power, to such an extent that Carol shed tears at times and joined the ecstatic crowd in cheers of approval.

Michael Fabiano , Tenor from Philadelphia and Jennifer Black , Soprano from Astoria, New York were First and Second Winners. Carol thanks her dear friend Donna Broderick for inviting her each year and for her constant encouragement. Special thanks to Nedra Zachary for her graciousness and devotion to this remarkable competition, founded by her late husband.

Mezzo Malesha Jessie was in the audience (she had premiered an art song by Carol in 2006), fresh from her role in LA Opera’s "Porgy & Bess" . In 2006 Carol was fortunate to meet winner Russell Thomas , Young Met Artist and extraordinary Tenor--stay tuned.

One thing can be proclaimed here and now: Despite rumors to the opposite, Opera is alive and well!

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Marie Brown Curea / Carol Worthey / Deon Price / Adrienne Albert

Carol Worthey proudly presented Marie Brown (Ginger) Curea , President of the Los Angeles Alumni Chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon , with the official Certificate for the Helen Haupt Alumni Chapter Grant --this special grant to the Los Angeles Chapter marks the first time ever this grant has been awarded by the Mu Phi Epsilon Foundation! Carol is happily surrounded by Ginger on the left and two other recipients, distinguished composer-performers Deon Price and Adrienne Albert on the right. Carol was Project Leader and Grant-writer for this special award which will assist composers and performers from the Los Angeles Chapter with their international travel expenses to the 2008 International Association for Women in Music (IAWM) Congress in Beijing, China--an exciting opportunity for interaction between East and West in the realms of music, scholarship and international friendship.

After the presentation, the chapter was treated to a delightful concert by extraordinary young Concert Pianist Carissa Kim (first place in the Mu Phi Epsilon competition) who treated us to Bach, Mozart and Debussy at the beautiful home of fellow member, Pianist and Teacher, Nobuko Fujimoto . Carissa's combination of technical mastery and sensitive interpretation promises an international career.

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Carol Worthey / Armen Atomst

On behalf of Artists for Human Rights and Youth for Human Rights , Carol Worthey presented Armen Atomts of Royal Gallery a special gift to thank Armen for his consistent support of humanitarian efforts for all peoples via his gallery showings and his local Cable TV shows. Carol and Armen are seen here with the special gift: A DVD of powerful and moving short films, Public Service Announcements, each illustrating one of the thirty Human Rights laid out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Armen, a highly regarded community leader in Glendale California, was the curator of an impressive exhibit of sixty-two multicultural artists at his gallery, the third annual exhibit honoring the victims and survivors of the Armenian Genocide of 1915. Directly behind Armen and Carol is a partial view of Carol’s colorful and heartfelt new work, "No More Genocides" . (To see more of this work, please visit her Gallery here .)

Carol wishes to encourage everyone to click on the link to the Youth for Human Rights website (below) and order your very own reasonably-priced copy of this amazing DVD, perfect for schools, clubs, TV stations, families, businesses and community groups of all kinds. What a difference it would make for us all when children (and adults) learn more about our human rights! Plus they're great movies--so pop some popcorn, sit back and get ready to smile, chuckle, shed a few meaningful tears and get along better with everyone.

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Carol Worthey - No More Genocides

Gallery Opening, Exhibit in Honor of The Armenian Genocide, Royal Gallery, 1418 West Glenoaks Boulevard, Glendale, California, April 22nd, 2007.

Invited by Gallery Owner Armen Atomts to create a new painting for this annual memorial exhibit, Carol Worthey created No More Genocides , an intensely colorful and moving new art piece featuring iconic images of faith, devastation, sorrow, hope and the resilience of the human spirit. The Armenian Genocide (1915) was the first genocide of the Twentieth Century; over a million and a half Armenians were slaughtered. April 24th of every year is a memorial to those lost. As a Jew and a humanitarian member of Artists for Human Rights , Carol was honored to be invited. Each artwork by a total of 62 artists was a significant piece, beautiful, meaningful and powerful. Many community leaders from a variety of ethnicities spoke and artists performed. Carol enlightened the attentive crowd briefly on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and then improvised a song, using Jewish-tinged melody to create an entreaty for peace and understanding amongst all peoples. It is her fervent hope to have No More Genocides . For a detailed description of this work, please visit the Gallery page here .

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Carol Worthey / Anne Cecere, Assoc Dir of Film/TV Relations, BMI / Carol Worthey
Composer/Conductor Tania Leon / Carol Worthey, Meng Concert Hall, Cal State Fullerton

Carol Worthey had a very busy and exhilarating long weekend at the start of March 2007, beginning with the Board Meeting of IAWM (International Alliance for Women in Music) held most of the day on her March 1st Birthday at the Marriott just outside of the Cal State Fullerton campus. While it was not a typical birthday by any means, Carol felt it was a productive way to begin a "new year" dedicated to boosting the recognition and utilization of women composers, performers, conductors and scholars around the world. Board Member Cecilia Kim came all the way from Korea. The busy Board Meeting was followed by the IAWM Annual Concert which featured performer and composer members of the IAWM and Cal State Fullerton New Music Ensemble, including composer Marcela Beatriz Pavia (an Argentinian now living in Milano, Italy), and compositions by Deon Nielsen Price , Monique Buzzarte , Lan-Chee Lam , Ann Millikan , Tania Leon and other composers from Europe, Japan, Korea, China, and all throughout the USA. A well-attended IAWM Reception followed where the conversations and congratulations were animated.

What followed in the next three days was one of the most exciting events of Carol's recent history--the 6th Annual Women in New Music Festival "inner voices" at Cal State Fullerton, three days chock full of chamber music and orchestral concerts, pre-concert talks, and a panel of women composers discussing "The Role of the Composer in Today's Society". Some of the headliners were famous composer Tania Leon , Viv Corringham from England and vocal pioneer Meredith Monk . Director/Producer and composer Pamela Madsen organized the festival and her multi-media collaborative work about an Eskimo primal goddess of the ocean "Sedna" was representative of the synergy and creative ferment of the overall weekend. At Carol's invitation, Anne Cecere , Assoc. Dir. of TV/Film Relations, BMI attended the final orchestra concert (featuring orchestral and choral/orchestral works by Tania Leon , John Corigliano and Leonard Bernstein ) and stayed to meet with Composers Pamela Madsen , Tania Leon , Madelyn Bryne , Marcela Pavia and myself at a restaurant where her Music Business expertise and willingness to share it was greatly appreciated by all, and new friendships formed.

Tania's pre-concert talk before the orchestral concert on March 4th, 2007 illustrated her intent and inspirations in creating "Tumbao", her colorful, evocative work based on her father's whistle when returning from a month away at work, coming home to the family in her native Cuba, which she described as "musical postcards" from her memory. Tania is warm, brilliant, a mix of fire and gentleness and all in all, very endearing--qualities which permeate her work and her mentoring of others.

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Carol Worthey

Carol Worthey is shown here after a wonderful Valentine's Day Lunch where red (or pink) was the color of choice, proudly signing the official Register of The Ebell of Los Angeles in their Membership Office, after having been invited to join and accepted as a new member. This remarkable charitable and cultural organization established in 1894 is one of the nation's oldest and largest women's clubs with members as diverse and interesting as our burgeoning city.

The Ebell is housed in a magnificent 75,000 square foot Italian Renaissance-style complex that includes the Club Wing, a beautiful contemplative garden with sculpture and fountain surrounded by patios, the famous Wilshire Ebell Theatre (home of many remarkable concerts throughout the year), a ballroom/auditorium, hallways full of paintings and a library -- in fact, in 1999 The Ebell of Los Angeles was designated an Official America Treasure by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the White House Millenium Council. Each month the calendar is full of fascinating events such as theatrical presentations, lectures, concerts, gala celebrations and volunteer activities of all kinds that enrich the members' lives and the broad community.

Carol is honored to be part of this wonderful group of exciting women (and some men) and hopes to contribute to the vitality and mission of The Ebell to make a positive difference. The women she has met there already are warm, intelligent and public-spirited.

Visit: The Ebell.
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Carol Worthey / Anne Cecere, Assoc Dir of Film/TV Relations, BMI.

Carol Worthey spent an invigorating evening with Anne Cecere , Associate Director of Film/TV Relations, BMI. Anne blends music business knowhow, acumen and experience with genuine warmth and a love for the grand traditions of opera, classical and film music.

Both Anne and Carol shared ideas about how to strengthen the role of women composers in film, TV and concert hall. Many new opportunities exist if one not only knows the craft of composing but also becomes familiar with music as a business.

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Carol Worthey / Dan Miller (headmaster)

At an elegant reception at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica, California, Wheeler School headmaster Dan Miller hosted a number of alumnae. Carol Worthey was amazed to hear that the private school she attended for twelve years in Providence, Rhode Island is vastly different in so many ways. Today 818 students still enjoy small classes and represent an enormous diversity ethnically and culturally. Still known as "the academic school", Wheeler is known for its arts and rigorous studies. The "18 Wheeler" is a co-ed a cappella contemporary choir and there are all kinds of performing arts. Carol enjoyed meeting very interesting graduates at the reception (but still can't get used to the idea of Wheeler--all girls when she was there--having boys.)

If only life had instant replay!

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Jim Raycroft
Jay Kenton / Carol Worthey / Robert Olson

This year, Los Angeles Master Chorale member Jim Raycroft , presented and presided over the well attended 6th Annual "A Choral Taste of Los Angeles" . Once again with endearing warmth and dedication he introduced each composer and, for the first time, presented some of his own work.

This year's presenting composers were Michael Isaacson , Morgan Ames , Robert Parker , Paul Cummings , Jim Raycroft , Shawn Kirchner , Robert Olson and Jay Kenton .

Shawn Kirchner with his fantastic sightreading (and who is also accompanist for the LA Master Chorale) provided piano accompaniment for the sightsinging.

We support Jim's efforts and encourage all greater Los Angeles based singers and choral directors to back up his excellent work for next year's songfest. Participants sight sing through new, often challenging, works presented by the composers themselves and usually get to keep copies as well. The gourmet lunch, presented by chef David Larson is always a hit following the heady morning of sight-singing in preparation for the afternoon session.

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Ray Korns / Carol Worthey
Regency Wilshire (Beverly Hills)

The "New Year," a year full of promise and joy! Carol Worthey and her husband Ray Korns danced in 2007 until 3 a.m. at the International Association of Scientologists Holiday Ball held at the prestigeous Regency Beverly Wilshire hotel in Bevery Hills.

Following dinner, as part of the awards ceremony, Carol and Ray received their Patron with Honors pin. The stage show was fantastic then the band "Chico" played almost until dawn featuring our long time friend, vocalist Margie Nelson .

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