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Carol Worthey Events 2004


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2004 Events Archive Table

     "NACUSA Meeting"
     "Terezin Triptych"
     "New Fantasia Released"
     "Harbison / Upshaw Workshop at Carnegie Hall"
     "Kirche Birkenau"
     "Borders' Elegy Performance"
     "Barnard College Alumnae Article"
     "ASI Pulp Fiction Adventures Theatre"
     "Border's Books Classical Music Society"
     "Bluegrass In Burbank"
     "ASI Pulp Fiction Adventures Theatre"

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NACUSA Composers: Carol Worthey / Margaret S. Meier / Deon Nielsen Price / Jeannie Gayle Pool / Beverly Grigsby / Adrienne Albert (photo by Ray Korns)
NACUSA Composers: Michael Glenn Williams / Carol Worthey (photo by Ray Korns)

On December 5th, National Association of Composers USA (NACUSA) President Deon Nielsen Price hosted a meeting and House Concert at her lovely home in Culver City. Works by a number of Los Angeles Chapter members and Board members were performed including one by Carol Worthey . Carol's 'Cadence for Olivia' ( click here ) for flute and piano was given its premere performance by Daniel Kessner flute and Michael Glenn Williams piano. Both Daniel and Michael are chapter members and composers and performed some of their own compositions as well.

Other composer / performers who ventured out on that cool, rainy day to delight us with their compositions were: Mary Lou Newmark , Margaret S. Meier , David Rubenstein , Marshall Bialosky (works performed by Delores Stevens , piano), Deon Neilsen Price (with her son, Berkeley Price , clarinet, the PRICE DUO), Jeannie Gayle Pool and Adrienne Albert .

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Monument to the victims of Terezin (photo by Mitchell Bard, used with permission)

Distinguished Cellist Joyce Geeting has recently commissioned a three-movement Cello-Piano Sonata called:

Terezin Triptych

Joyce plans to premiere the new work at St. Martin-in-The-Fields sometime in early Spring 2005.

This work has been conceived as a tribute to the sixtieth anniversary of the Liberation (1945) from Nazi concentration camps, among them the fortress/waystation at Theresienstadt (known today as Terezin). Terezin was remarkable for the number of Jewish artists, scholars and musicians held there, many of whom died at Terezin or were sent on to death camps such as Auschwitz. The cultural life maintained at Terezin in the face of abject cruelty and deprivation is a tribute to the power of the human spirit.

The term "triptych" generally refers to a Medieval or Renaissance painting or carving divided into three panels, the outer panels of which fold over the larger middle one. Similarly, in Terezin Triptych the stirring middle movement is the longest. The three movements are entitled:

  • Remembrance

  • Letter from Theresienstadt

  • Liberation

Watch for details about the premiere of this powerful major addition to the cello/piano repertoire. After its premiere in 2005, the score will be available for purchase at our website store.

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Master Pianist Mario Feninger / Carol Worthey

Carol Worthey presented Master Pianist Maestro Mario Feninger the first signed copy of her newly revised piano work 'Fantasia' . Mario played 'Nocturne' (from the Continuum Suite here ) on his European and Canadian/U.S. concert tour to enthusiastic audience response.

Originally written in 1975 and dedicated to Mario, the new score replaces the hand-written original. Corrections and notation changes make the new version a welcome update. Carol has the new 'Fantasia' score available on the website "store" page.

  "Sheet Music Available"
for Solo Piano
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John Harbison / Dawn Upshaw
Carol Worthey at Carnegie Hall (photo by Ray Korns)

Carol Worthey and her husband Ray Korns, Worthgold Music's Executive Director, returned energized, inspired and super-informed from an amazing professional training workshop at Carnegie Hall in New York City, the John Harbison-Dawn Upshaw Workshop for Composers and Singers , presented by the Weill Music Institute in partnership with the American Music Center . Here is the brochure Schedule of Events .

The workshop presented a rare opportunity to see Harbison and Upshaw guide the rehearsals of four young composers with commissioned works created since May. All the singers and instrumentalists had phenomenal musicianship. There were other composers in the workshop also, and we all learned the ropes from top experts who are passionate about helping today's composers succeed.

Dedicated Lyn Liston from the American Music Center coordinated many of the events along with the hard-working and cordial staff of the prestigious Weill Institute. Lyn also gave a seminar on career promotional activities.

Carol enjoyed the opportunity to reminisce with brilliant John Harbison after many years and to catch up with each other. Meeting Dawn Upshaw was delightful --- her guidance was astute and warm. The Business Essentials seminar featured Entertainment Attorney James Kendrick with a wealth of data. The Better Score seminar was run by none other than the Librarian of The Metropolitan Opera, Bob Sutherland and veteran music prep expert, Bill Holab of Computer Music Services . Each and every event was full of practical, hard-to-find information.

A remarkable atmosphere of positive energy, practical know-how and total professionalism pervaded the entire workshop and all the attendees were very talented and friendly. Composer Adrienne Albert , President of Carol's Mu Phi Epsilon Los Angeles Alumni Chapter , was there from LA as well. All in all, as Adrienne put it, it was "the bargain of the century!"

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Joyce Geeting / Norman Shetler at Kirche Birkenau
Kirche Birkenau

Cellist Joyce Geeting and Pianist Norman Shetler gave a triumphant concert in Birkenau, Germany on May 28th. Two glowing critical reviews cite Carol's 'Elegy' as an intensely moving work and "the highlight of the evening". Joyce and Norman were given an instantaneous standing ovation with five call-back bows!

You can read the reviews in original German or the English translation by clicking on the flags below:

German Review
English Review
Visit: Joyce Geeting.
Visit: Norman Shetler.
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Borders Books - Pasadena, CA Sunday afternoon concert featuring Carol Worthey's 'Elegy' (photo by Ray Korns)

After opening with Seven Spanish Songs by Manuel de Falla, Cellist Joyce Geeting and Pianist Robert Sage performed Carol Worthey's 'Elegy' live in a well attended Sunday afternoon concert at Border's Books in Pasadena, California.

Following the performance, Carol spoke to the audience and answered questions regarding her work as well as highlighting elements of its thematic construction and related some of her personal challenges in producing the work.

This concert was part of the promotion of the release of the 'Soul Stirring' CD containing this twenty-three minute virtuosic work.

  "Compact Disc Available"
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Barnard College Alumnae Magazine - Winter 2004, Cover: Alberto Giacometti, 'Walking Man I,' 1960, Bronze.  Collection of Samuel and Ronnie Heyman, New York (cover: Vagelos Alumnae Center,<br />Barnard College)

There is an excellent mention of Carol Worthey and the release of the 'Soul Stirring' CD containing her twenty-three minute virtuoso Cello and Piano work 'Elegy' in the Columbia University / Barnard College alumnae magazine.

  "Compact Disc Available"

Carol is quite pleased with this acknowledgement and happy to be in touch with her old and new Barnard friends.

Visit: Barnard College.
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Carol Worthey, Jeff Pomerantz, Karen Black, Stephen Eckelberry, Gayle Moran (Corea), Chick Corea, Joni Labaqui (ASI), James Andronica (photo by ASI)

Carol Worthey was Valentine's Day Music Director for the L. Ron Hubbard Pulp Fiction Adventures Theatre production of "He Had To Marry the Girl" at Author Services, Inc. in the L. Ron Hubbard Gallery at 7051 Hollywood Boulevard just West of Mann's Chinese.

The reading was preceded by a special Valentine's Day performance by multi-platinum, grammy-award winning jazz musician Chick Corea and his very talented wife, vocalist Gayle Moran . Chick had wonderful things to say about Carol's musical underscoring both prepared and improvised.

The company picture has the cast and special guests (from left to right): Carol Worthey , Jeff Pomerantz , Karen Black , Stephen Eckelberry , Gayle Moran (Corea) , Chick Corea , Joni Labaqui (ASI), and James Andronica .

   Visit: Author Services Inc.
Visit: Karen Black.    Visit: Chick Corea.
Visit: Jeff Pomerantz.
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Joyce Geeting / Donna Broderick / Carol Worthey (photo by Ray Korns)

Cellist Joyce Geeting performed and Composer Carol Worthey spoke at a meeting of the Border's Books Classical Music Society in Thousand Oaks, California to promote the release of 'Soul Stirring' .

Shown in the photo from left to right are: Joyce Geeting , Donna Broderick (Society President), and Carol Worthey .

Visit: Joyce Geeting.
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Candy Girard, Fiddle (photo by Ray Korns)
Bill Knopf, Banjo (photo by Ray Korns)
David Ferguson, Guitar (photo by Ray Korns)
Carol Worthey / Sherry Hackney Cade (photo by Ray Korns)

Composer and colleague Sherry Hackney Cade celebrated the 1st birthday of her second child (Harrison Hackney Cade) by again creating a CD containing compositions from her friends as well as her own compositions. This year, Sherry selected 'bluegrass' as the style recalling her family's Kentucky roots.

Carol's composition: Bluegrass In Burbank Tonight for Fiddle, Mandolin, Banjo, Guitar and Bass was recorded by professional Hollywood studio musicians Candy Girard Fiddle, Tom Corbett Mandolin, Bill Knopf Banjo, David Ferguson Guitar, and John Hatton Bass at Randy Tobin's Theta Sound Studio .

The Studio performance was reprised several days later at the big birthday bash at Sherry's home. Carol loves to contribute to this great tradition!

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Carol Worthey, Patrick Culliton, Marty Kove, Joni Labaqui (ASI), David Carradine, Lee Purcell and Bob Caso (photo by ASI)
Carol Worthey and Lee Purcell (photo by ASI)

Opening the season for the new year, Carol Worthey was Music Director for the L. Ron Hubbard Pulp Fiction Adventures Theatre production of "A Sound Investment" from the Old Doc Methuselah chronicles at Author Services, Inc. in the L. Ron Hubbard Gallery at 7051 Hollywood Boulevard just West of Mann's Chinese.

The top company picture has the cast (from left to right): Carol Worthey , Patrick Culliton , Marty Kove , Joni Labaqui (ASI), David Carradine played Old Doc, Lee Purcell , and Bob Caso as the Narrator.

Carol Worthey and Lee Purcell are in the bottom photo.

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