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Carol Worthey Events 2003


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2003 Events Archive Table

     "LA Philharmonic Auxiliary"
     "ASI Pulp Fiction Adventures Theatre"
     "Theta-Sound Studio Voices Golden Session"
     "University of Redlands Elegy Recording"
     "Youth for Human Rights Elegy Concert"
     "St Martin-in-the-Fields Elegy Premier"
     "Elegy Preview Camarillo"

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Kimball Wheeler / Carol Worthey  (photo by Ray Korns)

The Women's Committee of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra presented Carol's new composition the petal of somewhere at their Morning Salon.

Carol's composition is a song-cycle of four pieces for Mezzo-Soprano and Piano based upon poems by E. E. Cummings . Carol originally composed these as songs for solo voice under the tutlage of Vincent Persichetti . She has now beautifully created piano accompaniment using the original sonorities she envisioned many years ago.

The work was previewed by internationally acclaimed Mezzo-Soprano Kimball Wheeler accompanied by Pianist Lorna Eder at the solon given at Carol's home. Kimball and Lorna also performed the Chansons de Bilitis of Claude Debussy and the seven Gypsy Songs Opus 55 of Antonin Dvorak.

Visit: Kimball Wheeler.
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Carol Worthey (photo by ASI)

Carol Worthey was Music Director for the L. Ron Hubbard Pulp Fiction Adventures Theatre production of "The Mad Dog Murder" at Author Services, Inc. in the L. Ron Hubbard Gallery at 7051 Hollywood Boulevard just West of Mann's Chinese.

The story was a murder mystery that takes place in New York City. The Narrator was Lou Dolan . Rod Roland played detective Tommy Farrell and Keli Daniels played June Beach, the switchboard operator. Rounding out the cast was Bob Caso as every other part!

Carol created a New York Gershwinesque backdrop with a definitely mysterious undercurrent and a recognizable "mad doggie" that the crowd loved.

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Phil Feather, woodwinds (photo by Ray Korns)
John Acosta, cello (photo by Ray Korns)
Elaine Litster, harp (photo by Ray Korns)
Randall Michael Tobin (photo by Randy Tobin)

Fellow composer and colleague Sherry Hackney Cade celebrated the birth of her second child (Harrison Hackney Cade) by creating a CD containing compositions from several of her friends as well as her own compositions.

Carol's composition: Voices Golden on the Silver Wind for Flute, Cello and Harp was recorded by professional Hollywood studio musicians Phil Feather Flute (multi-woodwind artist), John Acosta Cello, and Elaine Litster Harp at Randy Tobin's Theta Sound Studio late in the month.

Carol has created a full choir (S-A-T-B) version of Voices Golden on the Silver Wind (with Flute-Cello-Harp accompaniment and Optional Rehearsal Piano) that is slated to be World-Premiered by a professional choir at a world-famous venue in 2005. There is also a Solo Soprano Version, accompanied by the same three instruments. Both versions feature evocative lyrics in English by Carol.

Husband Ray Korns is translating the original English lyrics of Voices Golden on the Silver Wind into J.R.R. Tolkien's Elvish language Sindar (a beautiful language spoken in the trilogy movies of The Lord of The Rings ).

Lamath Malthen erin Celebren Sul

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Engineer, Scott Vance (photo by Ray Korns)
Joyce Geeting / Robert Sage (photo by Ray Korns)

Engineer Scott Vance digitally captured Carol Worthey's beautiful and moving twenty-three minute work 'Elegy' performed by cellist Joyce Geeting and pianist Robert Sage in the Frederick Loewe Performance Hall on the University of Redlands campus.

This performance will be featured on an upcoming CD release, which will include works by Johannes Brahms and Max Bruch.

   Visit: Joyce Geeting.
Visit: Robert Sage.    Visit: University of Redlands.
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Youth for Human Rights International benefit concert (photo YFHR International)

A well-attended Musical Evening soiree performance of Carol's 'Elegy' , was held as a benefit for Youth for Human Rights International at Carol's home. Cellist Joyce Geeting and pianist Bette Ross Blumer performed the work. Concert pianist, Mario Feninger performed works by Chopin and Liszt.

In the photo, taken following the performances, from left to right are: Raymond Korns , Carol's husband, Cellist Joyce Geeting , Professional Speaker and MC Doug Williams , Mary Shuttleworth , President - Youth For Human Rights International. Pianist Bette Ross Blumer , Composer Carol Worthey , and Maestro Mario Feninger (seated).

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'Elegy' Premiere Performance at St. Martin-in-the-Fields
St. Martin-in-the-Fields, London 1838, 1850 and Today

It was a rare warm and sunny day in London on Tuesday, March 18th, 2003, when cellist Joyce Geeting and Robert Sage gave the premiere performance of Carol Worthey's 'Elegy' , at St. Martin-in-the-Fields . The audience was enraptured and deeply moved by the power of the work...

Essentially a cello concerto in one movement, 'Elegy' is both a tribute to those lost in the terrible terrorist attacks and a healing work for those left behind. The frontispiece declares:

"Love is never really lost,
courage is never really in vain,
and there will always be a new sunrise."

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'Elegy' Preview Performance (photo by Ray Korns)

A preview performance of 'Elegy' , Carol's moving memorial to the victims of the horrendous events of 9/11 was performed by cellist Joyce Geeting and pianist Robert Sage at St. Colombo's Episcopal Church in Camarillo, California and included several distinguished guests.

In the photo below, from left to right are: Professional Speaker Doug Williams , His Excellency Professor Dr. Ian Hall - Cultural Ambassador to the United Nations, Cellist Joyce Geeting , Composer Carol Worthey , and Mary Shuttleworth , President - Youth For Human Rights International.

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