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Lyricism, Drama, Passion and Beauty

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Carol Worthey Events 2012


"Some major events of 2012. Don't forget
 you can peruse the Event Archive for prior years
 by clicking on the links in the sidebar."


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2012 Events Archive Table

     "Sandcastles in Beverly Hills?! Yes, indeed!"
     "The Trees Speak and Carol Listens!"
     "Concert Pianist Tours Cities throughout China!"
     "Seven New Works Sizzle"
     "Double-Premieres with Fabulous Helen Lin in Beijing!"
     "Gypsy Magic Born"
     "Bass Clarinet World-Premiere — No Kazoos Allowed!"
     "'The River' flows Straight into Hong Kong City Hall!"
     "Filling the world with song: 'A Simple Ditty' World-Premiered in Manhattan!"
     "Carol and Ray thrill to Violinist Xika Huang's Graduation Recital"
     "VIDEO: Spanish premieres in Alicante"
     "On International Woman's Day Carol's Music at Last Arrives in Spain!"
     "Carol Captivates A Flute Society, but They Don't Mind Being 'Captured'!"
     "A Choral Taste of LA"
     "Happy New Year!"

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