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Lyricism, Drama, Passion and Beauty

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Carol Worthey


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The Author

Why I Write

Life is lived by people. This seems obvious, doesn't it. Have you ever wondered — seeing some person walking by you, a total stranger — what their life is like, now and in the past? Does that person seem like a Story on Legs to you? That's how I feel, wherever I go. It's not that I'm nosey in a rude, uncaring way, but I can't help but CRAVE to reach out, embrace them with at least a gentle hello and say, "I want to connect! Tell me something you've lived through and survived! ...Can I help?" No one is alone, but so often we feel isolated, fearful to reveal our essence and our woes. Each of us is a loner longing for connection, for someone to love... who loves us.

Well, I decided long ago that, no matter what happened to me, I needed to make it through the physical or emotional pain of it. I would not only be a Survivor, I would somehow end up a Conqueror Who Cares! This is why I write. To touch others, to embrace all of life so that Strangers become Fellow Travelers, each with their own Story to share! Then I might feel that I have not lived in vain.

All this began with Reading. I taught myself to read at two years old, even though most of the newspapers in my grandpa's work-worn hands were Yiddish in Hebrew letters.... I found English somewhere and figured out that these odd-looking symbols were "short for sounds of words."

When I was forced at the age of three to leave the cozy tenement home of my grandparents at the close of World War II, I found myself in a troubled home, with Oil & Water parents, a genius father who told fabulous bedtime stories and spent hours playing tortured but gorgeous piano music to have some time alone from a troubled wife who resented her decision to get married instead of signing the Hollywood contract she'd been offered.

Reading became my escape! Walking to the library was a pilgrimage to a haven of quiet contemplation and magical discovery! Opening a book, I felt myself walking onto the planks of a ship bound for adventure or perhaps taking a shovel made of revelations to dig deep into the very heart of me! Nearly every day I trundled back home, my arms weighed down with book-treasures. Reading was my "escape mission", along with drawing incessantly and creating melodies and harmonies for the tunes to lathe in, so as to wash away all tears in the evanescent beauty of music!

As a voracious Reader, I would sneak a flashlight under my covers or hide in the closet to finish a book. By seven I had devoured most of Dickens and Gone with The Wind. Words fascinated me, and I began reading the dictionary to pinpoint the exact meanings an author had discerned were specific and perfect, and also to savor the subtle mists emanating from mystical phrases. Words were CLUES, hints, arrows aimed at bulls-eyes of situations and feelings. I ate words and phrases like whole dinners. My life as a young Jewess changed forever when I found The Diary of Anne Frank in the school library. Why didn't anyone tell me about this?

And so I write to put TRUTH there, to expose lies in as palatable way as possible.

I began with poetry, because I believe that Poetry Is The Breathe of The World (as I expressed in my poem of that name) something that all cultures and all languages throughout the turmoil and triumphs of history have left as Witness, since poetry, I believe, aspires to attain to be as close to the power of Music as any words can be. Later on, graduating my private school, I won the Poetry Award.

But let me go back to why it has taken me long decades of living and learning and suffering and thriving to take my love of words, my passion for stories, my aching need to reach out to others to become... me? What? An Author? YES!!

Here's what stopped me for years: At age seven my teacher assigned the class to write a story. I went home, pulled out some lined paper and suddenly I was not at my desk, I was not a seven-year-old Jewish girl in Providence Rhode Island, I was a Native American girl with long black braids, leather suede and beaded top and soft boots. The moon shone so bright that I had awakened and, entranced by the moonlight, had left my teepee, tiptoeing over near the Chief's tent. Suddenly I heard whispers, tense altercations, occasional shouts. I was riveted, scared, but thrilled with the tension, unable to move back to my tent. The Chief and young warriors were arguing: "We must fight! This is OUR land!" "No, war is not the answer, for they will kill or take our women and our babies."

I gasped, leaning close to the tent opening. Oh no! I was discovered." (What happens next in the story that I wrote at seven, living the experience so vividly that I can recall every detail to this day, what happens next in the story... I cannot recall.)

But what I recall is that the day after I turned in my story, my parents (both genius Dad and troubled Starlet Mom) called me into the living room. "Your teacher called us," said my father. "She accuses you of plagiarizing that story! She says that 'No child of seven could have written that story!' ...What is the truth, Carol Lee?!"

My parents believed me, but the wound had been stabbed into me. It was dangerous to mind-beam over to another time and place, to become another character, to watch while unspeakable or beautiful things happened, to try to word the EXACTITUDE of location, character, mood, action, outcome!! It was dangerous!

I continued to read, I continued to write homework assignments, occasionally I could not hold Inspiration back far enough from my pen and paper: Poems arrived in my universe, I became even more fascinated with the meaning, the strength or delicacy of Words, but ME A WRITER?? No!!

I trotted off to University, composed music, absorbed insights about parts of the world that had not been introduced to me yet, painted and studied Art History, and... one early evening, in my dormitory suite bedroom, I got a call!

My genius Dad had left his body and floated off no one knew where... this is how I feel death happens, sometimes not gently at all. My beautiful father, businessman, mathematician, philosopher, self-taught pianist and painter, poet too, storyteller sublime was... DEAD!

I cried all the way home that night, attended the funeral, grabbed one of Daddy's paintings as a memento for the candlelit shrine I visited in my heart. But it was time for Final Exams in my Senior Year. Forcing myself to return to college and graduate (to honor my father, more than for myself) I returned, took the exams and graduated. On the train home, I wrote a poem to salve the wounds. Many years later I realized that my Father, genius though he be, had not put forth his bedtime stories. I took it upon myself to give the world his stories.

Even though I could only recall one story about a mischievous crumb in a kitchen in love with a curvy spoon, I began writing and the plot and characters lived in me and dived into the paper to tell me what they DEMANDED I write. The result was Crumb: The Secret of The Riddle. An actual novel of 433 pages!

Now I have expiated the curse cast upon me as a Plagiarizing Wicked Child! I write, I reach out and touch strangers and friends alike, and I say to them, "Tell me your stories! Share! You are not ephemeral "here-today, gone-tomorrow"! You are living beings who count in the countless chronicles of time and civilizations! You are Walking Stories! Walk my way."

So that is WHY I WRITE. For is it not apparent that...

"We are echoes of all the old stories. We are promises still yet to come, and we sing to our young so they understand that some things will always be true." *

— Carol Worthey

* Excerpt from the Prologue and Epilogue of Crumb: The Secret of The Riddle

Book Releases

Blueberry Escapades



Do you believe that Blueberries have influenced Human History?

Well, you're in for a surprise or a lot of reading pleasure! Author (and illustrator) Carol Worthey has an active imagination but is generally regarded as quite truthful.

Still, one fine day Carol claims she met... [ Spoiler Alert ] ...a grandfatherly Blueberry in her yogurt who shared with her seven hilarious, wild and page-turning "historical accounts" about how Blueberries have made their mark on Human History!

Meet Homer Blue and his rambunctious tales about how Blueberries have contributed to Major Inventions, Ancient Civilizations, Royalty, the Gold Rush, Pirates, Ninjas and even Space Travel!

Inspired by Homer Blue's colorful storytelling, the Author has embellished the book with Full Color Illustrations — to pleasure your eyes as well as your heart and mind!

But wait there's MORE! FASCINATING and FUN Projects to inspire the Reader to DISCOVER, CREATE, WATCH or EXPLORE all kinds of subjects: The power of Story and Storytelling, how to follow your dreams, history as it really happened, exciting Science and Art Projects, and why the Ancient Greeks had no word for "blue"....

Here's a book for Young and Still-Young-At-Heart! Just don't look too closely at the Blueberries in your muffins. I know. They're DELICIOUS! But then again, SO ARE THESE STORIES!
The Meaning of Birds



In 2021 renowned composer/painter/writer Carol Worthey gathered together an anthology of her poems celebrating the resilience of the human spirit, More Grand Than Mountains garnering high praise from writers and readers the world over.

In the year 2022 the resilience of the human spirit was tested once again with lock-downs and conflicts. Time and time again Carol has noticed that "a poem comes to you when you need it" — now the need for connection and hope became even more intense.

One fine day, like a feather on her shoulder, a poem landed her way: The Meaning of Birds became a cry in the wilderness, a call for courage and revitalization. It was the spark for Carol's second poetry book you see here, a bird's eye view of the world and a vantage point for hope to thrive once again: The Meaning of Birds.
Inside this cover is a scintillating variety of poems, from whimsical to deeply philosophical, that have fed Carol's lifelong need to sustain her spirit and to reach out to others with passion, purpose... and poetry! May these poems refresh you, give you new perspectives and revitalize your life-energy. May they come to you right "when you need them."

A Rain of Sundry Thoughts



How does one create a life worth living and make living itself a work of art?

Does love vanish into nothing when it seems to go? What to do when you feel low? What makes creating beauty or connecting with nature so revitalizing? How to put forth more generosity of spirit while retaining your own truth?

—— An uplifting resource for eye, mind and heart enriched with color illustrations.


More Grand Than Mountains



'What GOOD is POETRY?' asks the Poet — then somehow the Poet SHOWS us.

'A poem comes to you when you need it,' she says. (Whether in your own words, or in another's.)

Let these poems take you to a panoramic view of life and love, tears and triumph, moments we've all undergone as we challenge the very resillence of the Human Spirit.

There will be a Poem here (or two) that has your name on it. ...Maybe more.

Come with the Poet to a new vantage point.


CRUMB: The Secret of the Riddle



A rollicking good story and an epic allegory about the "little man" caught in the greedy machinery of today's world, hungry to make a difference. This far-flung fantasy adventure tale for the Child Within Us All unites a resourceful eight-year-old girl Zoe with mischievous Crumb (an orphan breadball raised by wise Breadbox and taught to read), Nefertiti the cat, Whisk the Dog Whiskerer, and a brilliant Bee in a quest to solve a Riddle that might help to save our endangered pollinators! Two dysfunctional families bond and a grotesque villain is revealed as the Riddle begins to make sense bit by bit, driven by a purpose greater than any of these characters could guess at the start. Fusing mystery, childhood wonder, passionate concern for our environment and sheer poetry.


CRUMB Book Reviews!


  • Amazon 5-Star Rating

    You won't be disappointed — I recommend it to the hilt

    "CRUMB: The Secret of the Riddle" by Carol Worthey is a deep, caring novel about humanity but it is suspenseful and seems to entertain as much as it edifies. You won't be disappointed — I recommend it to the hilt! Brava to Ms. Worthey.

    — Betheena

  • Amazon 5-Star Rating

    What an amazingly clever story!

    I so much enjoyed reading this book! (Weird for me because this is so unlike my normal reading material.) An odd group of little friends take off on an adventure that’s so unlikely, so jam packed with hazards and brilliant strategies, and so educational that you find out about ancient royalty, nutrition, the renaissance, magic, alien visitors, and what happened to all those socks that went missing out of your dryer.

    The plot line is water-tight and the writing and editing are top-notch. (Thank you!) The characters are not only believable, you WANT to believe them. And the author’s inspired cleverness continues all the way through the epilogue.

    Last, don’t be surprised if, in the middle of a quiet night, you start hearing tiny voices coming out of your kitchen.

    — Dwight Mikkelsen

  • Amazon 5-Star Rating

    The story is magic

    The story is magic, and the very tiny characters are enormously appealing. My wife and I enjoyed reading it together on long drives. Worthey is a fabulous foodie who does not hesitate to regale the reader with organic culinary delights that leave you hungry for more.

    — David Relyea (Amazon Customer)

  • Amazon 5-Star Rating

    Couldn't Put It Down

    I finished "CRUMB The Secret of The Riddle" last night — I could hardly put it down. I loved it. So many wonderful aspects — It was so witty, funny and wise. The book has the premise that most objects can be imbued with life; that is the child’s viewpoint and Native American viewpoint, as well as that of other cultures. “Crumb” is not just about these utterly original beings and their lives; the book has a mission. Those of us who care about our planet and the ecosystem, all life forms and in particular, bees, will resonate with this book. Worthey has managed to make a book that is utterly entertaining, full of humor and is totally plot-driven which also has an important message. Highly recommended!

    — Alicia Aaronowitz

  • Amazon 5-Star Rating

    Captivating fantasy with a challenging message

    The imaginative artwork on the cover captivated me so I opened the book and could not put it down until I got to the last few chapters and finally learned the secret of the riddle!

    — Deon Price

  • Amazon 5-Star Rating

    A wonderful return to that childlike imagination and character

    This book is a wonderful return to that childlike wonder of imagination and character. I felt gripped by the story, and would heartily recommend it to anyone, especially those in a down-turn in their lives as Crumb serves as a reinvestment in your own mind as much as the main character of this book.

    — Richard Wanderman, Jr.

  • Amazon 5-Star Rating

    A feast with a message

    Worthey has cleverly created a fantastical tale of tiny heroes who rise to defeat many of the perils and challenges we face in contemporary times including cautions such as colony collapse disorder and GMO's. “CRUMB The Secret of the Riddle” weaves through history, art, music, literature, religion and philosophy and returns time and again to exquisitely detailed descriptions of meals prepared by the young heroine, Zoe. We really enjoyed this beautifully written book. The message of “staying the course” carries through to the very last page reminding the reader that where there’s a will there’s a way!

    — Mary Anne Lund (Amazon Customer)