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Spot Your Ideal Reading Place

Reading Tip #2

Reading is one of life's greatest pleasures but it can be booby-trapped if you try to do it in the wrong location. Find a cozy spot where you won't be interrupted or distracted, where the pillows (or even perhaps a blanket throw) make it extra comfy but not so plush that you'll tend to fall asleep (unless you like to read a bit in your bed before going to sleep, that an exception to this rule.)

Some candidates for a great reading spot are:

  • A window seat with a lovely view but not a view so gorgeously encompassing that you can't take your eyes off it to center on your book. Having a tree outside the window invites sweet birdcalls to accompany your reading and imparts a peaceful sense of contentment. Have a side table nearby where you can put your tea or coffee (or smoothee) to make it even more pleasurable

  • Your very favorite chair but not one in a trampled-upon busy walkway strewn with toys or other distractions (move the chair if you can)

  • Well, (let's admit it) sitting in the bathroom you-know-where (where some of the best thinking — and reading — happens)

  • Outside in the fresh air, sitting in a sturdy chair with good pillows in your garden or backyard with some kind of sun-shade but enough sun to warm you without the risk of sunburn. Bring along sunglasses, drinking water or fresh lemonade and maybe some crumbs (healthful breadcrumbs or seeds) to toss to the birds, in between turning pages. (I love hammocks but they are too conducive [methinks] to napping, so use a hammock for napping.)

  • Create your own library or book shelf corner where you can establish a sense of happy ownership, display your favorite books, have bookmarks handy and a pencil for margin notes and (see Reading Tip Number One) a good dictionary. With a pull-out sofa, this library room can double as a guest room every now and then. Keep it neat, and dust the shelves every so often. Enjoy!


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