Music Tip #5    From Carol Worthey

How Is A Performer Creative?

Carol Worthey

The performer REcreates the music written by a composer and puts it out there for the listener (and for the composer) to absorb. The "re" part of "recreates" means "again" or "once more", in a new moment of time. It also implies "new" in the sense that someone different from the composer is now playing or singing the music and bringing his or her very own personality, experience, skill level and musical preferences into the equation. (As a matter of fact, the same performer will not be able to play the same piece in exactly the same way each separate time he or she performs it--try as some do to make that happen. And isn't this a blessing. Today we have gotten into the stultifying habit of expecting music to be performed exactly the same way we first heard it on a record or CD. Live performances are exciting because they are live.)

To REcreate the composer's wishes, the performer takes what was he or she understands to be the musical concept of the composer and studies it, practices the notes, follows (or doesn't) the instructions as to tempo and mood that the composer noted on the music paper, re-interprets it in a personalized way. Usually, the performer's desire to achieve as good a likeness to the original intentions of the composer is the basis for his or her RE-CREATION of the work.

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