Carol Worthey

Lyricism, Drama, Passion and Beauty

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Carol Worthey
Susanne Kessel, Concert Pianist

The World-Premiere of
The Last Thunderstorm
for Solo Piano

Susanne Kessel, Piano
Project Concept Originator of 250 Pieces for Beethoven

Music by Carol Worthey


Saturday, April 24 th , 2018  7:00 p.m.
Piano House Concert
Klavierhaus Klavins
Auguststr. 26-28,
53229 Bonn-Beuel.
Phone: +49 228 461515
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Susanne Kessel says, "Next Saturday, 21.4.18 at 19.00 pm in Piano House Concerto: I play the premieres of the piano pieces by Ernst Bechert , Alois Bröder Bujor Hoinic Elias Jurgschat , Julius von Lorentz , Domenico Melchiorre Pritchard , Damian Scholl , Alexander Gimlet Jan Carol Worthey . Among them are two pieces of the very young composers (* 2003 Germany and * 2004 Armenia)!"
Kommenden Samstag, den 21.4.18 um 19.00 Uhr im Klavierhaus Klavins: Ich spiele die Uraufführungen der piano pieces von Ernst Bechert , Alois Bröder Bujor Hoinic Elias Jurgschat , Julius von Lorentz , Domenico Melchiorre , Gwyn Pritchard , Damian Scholl , Alexander Tonikjan Carol Worthey . Darunter sind auch zwei Stücke der ganz jungen Komponistengeneration (*2003 Deutschland und *2004 Armenien)!
Carol Worthey has this to say about The Last Thunderstorm :
“After delving into the fascinating life and reading many personal letters of Beethoven, one of the ironies that struck me most about the man, his legend, and his often tragic reality was that Beethoven died during a raging thunderstorm. I decided to use this dramatic scenario to depict the master in his last moments, perhaps (as I imagined it) lifting his fist against the torrent of lightning and thunder to protest Fate… The lowest notes on the piano form a deep-booming cluster that can evoke striking thunder bolts — against this is juxtaposed higher, brighter bursts of sounds that mimic the downward-crashing lightning. At the end of the work, the storm dissipates into a cry for help and a resignation, gentle as it is and almost like a nursery rhyme relived at his last moments. Thus the master dies… but his music will live forever.”
The work is to be published in July 2018 by Editions Musica Ferrum (London) as part of the 250 for Beethoven project, in volumes of 25 pieces each.
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