Carol Worthey

Lyricism, Drama, Passion and Beauty

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Carol Worthey
Stanley Wong, Piano
DoReMi Music Wonderland

Hong Kong Recital

Concert Pianist

Sunday, August 28th, 2011
4:15 p.m.
DoReMi Music Wonderland Recital Hall
13/F Pak Lok Commercial Bldg,
180 Tung Lo Wan Road,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
(near Tin Hau MTR Station Exit B)
Fee: HK$50
Telephone for tickets reservation: (852) 60927015

Carol Worthey is excited that this will be the second performance in Hong Kong of her solo piano "Romanza" (the China Premiere was performed last year by American Pianist Gloria Chuang in Hong Kong) and that gifted pianist and teacher Stanley Wong will be playing it in such a lovely venue (see the photo below). Carol hopes to visit that fascinating city of contrasts some day, so the fact that her music is becoming known and appreciated there is particularly exciting to her.

Carol's ties to China and its long culture and history began in early childhood when she immersed herself in Chinese folk tales, Chinese art and philosophy, and continued at Columbia University where she took Oriental Studies along with Music Composition, a year-long course with the reputation of being the most time-intensive course at the University. In 2008 Carol journeyed to Beijing where her chamber work "Jade Flute in Lo-Yang" (based on a nostalgic poem by T'ang Dynasty poet Li Bai) combined traditional Chinese instruments with Western Chamber group (see Events April 2008 for details) and gave a seminar imparting ways that eastern and western instruments can be successfully combined, bringing East and West together musically.

Worthey has long felt the need to create music that embodies principles universal to all of mankind, such as love, compassion, healing with an emotional palette that anyone can relate to — to cite and respect differences in culture while pointing out our commonalities... "Romanza" is such a work — Carol's wish is that the passion and adventure and lyricism inherent in that work will embrace all cultures. And she salutes her dear Chinese friends who have embraced her music with such understanding and beautiful playing.

If you are in the vicinity, please consider joining Stanley Wong on the Sunday afternoon of August 28th to enjoy his entire concert AND "Romanza" for Solo Piano! And may good fortune shine upon you.

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