Carol Worthey

Lyricism, Drama, Passion and Beauty

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Carol Worthey Fine Art Gallery
photography by Errol Higgins
My motto is

"Painting the music of the heart"!

As both a Composer and a Painter with versatile styles and moods, I think Beauty is important. I work hard to give my paintings the emotional power and immediacy of music. How? Through vibrant or subtle colors, through the rhythms of graceful line, through the play of light and shadow, through textures that make you feel you are touching the canvas or "entering the scene" and through an overall design structure that directs you to see my Vision as I first imagined it.

As an orchestral Composer I have learned to discipline myself, to develop my craft and technical skill. I combine spontaneity and precision in every stroke of the brush, whether I am doing portraits or landscapes, abstracts or photo-realism. I believe that when you respond to my paintings, you contribute to the experience of art in a creative, personal way and are actually creating the work of art along with me! It is my deepest wish to inspire you to recognize your own creativity. I believe that Art (music, painting, dance, literature, etc.) is the most powerful form of communication between peoples, cultures and individuals on this planet. It is the responsibility of Artists as prophets and healers to put more love, understanding and harmony into all our lives.

Because I created music and painting when I was very young and was fortunate enough to study with great teachers, I know how vital it is that children see and hear the finest art, music, literature and wisdom. Children who are allowed to express themselves, their cultural traditions and their dreams and who learn in an environment of joy and encouragement become happier adults, even if they don't choose to become artists, because their lives have been enriched.

May my paintings bring you joy!