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"Angel of Music"


Carol Worthey created a multi-media presentation, Angel of Music for A Community of Angels , a Los Angeles citywide art project.


Carol Worthey was chosen to decorate one of the Angels that graced the Los Angeles landscape in 2001--and decorate, she did--with both paint and music! The music was recorded at Theta Sound Studio , in Burbank, California and converted into a digital file for playback in a special mounting base.


The Angel of Music was featured at the Music Center courtyard where thousands of visitors experienced the visual and musical presentation first-hand. Randall Michael Tobin filmed and directed a video of the Angel of Music which can be viewed by clicking below:

Carol Worthey painted the angel sculpture to represent the power of music and to inspire children of all ages to listen and learn more about music.  As part of the citywide exhibit, "Angel of Music" was on display in front of the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in 2001, seen by over 600,000 people from all over the world, and voted "Most Popular Statue", as well as being featured in a LA Times Bestselling Book.


The front, in bright colors, shows all the instruments that play in the music (composed by Carol) that plays from a special statue base; the torso is a cello with a Treble Clef heart. The back, pastels, has feathers with the names of 165 famous composers, from Opera to Blues. Two large gold hearts on the backs of the wings have the music notes and lyrics in full, so that people can sing along, or perhaps get inspired to learn to read music.