Art Tip #7    From Carol Worthey

What About Mechanical and Motor Skills?

Carol Worthey

When you learn to draw (yes we will have "lessons") you learn to control your hand and fingers and the drawing tools with greater and greater ease (as you practice the skill). In a very real sense learning to draw is ABOUT motion and gesture, in which the eye and the hand and arm are coordinated. There will be more specific instructions on this aspect as we continue Art Tips.

Discovering motions that are more natural to you than others, learning about how high, low, in front or to the side of you that you want to post your paper and easel and what arm and hand movements are comfortable and effective, that is what the discovery process is when you learn to draw. (For example, I like curvilinear, wave-like MOTION of my hand, so that such wavy lines could be said to be a characteristic of my art.)

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