Art Tip #18    From Carol Worthey

Beginning The Drawing Process Itself

Carol Worthey

Choose a medium-soft pencil to start with and pick out some paper you like. If you don't yet have confidence, you may want to use newsprint. Only thing, you may draw a great drawing on cheap paper which lowers its value. This has happened.

Vow to use as little eraser as possible. Dependency on erasing will cause you to doubt your control over the pencil and over the visual observation of the object. Of course, we all have to erase from time to time. Just remember, drawing skill improves with PRACTICE.

First, work on getting the pared-down outer shape (the bare-bones outline) of the object down on paper as close to its actual dimensions and shape as you can. Don’t concentrate yet on filling in the water inside the glass or any shadings. Keep it simple! This will train you to recognize and isolate basic shapes, structure the underlying design of your drawing without getting distracted by too many details. Don’t miss the forest for the trees!

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