Art Tip #12    From Carol Worthey

What Basic Drawing Materials Do You Need?

Carol Worthey

Drawing can be done very, very cheaply. A simple 2B pencil [See under Pencils], a clean sheet of white paper, a bowl of fruit on a table and you're in business. Advice: Learn to draw fairly competently before you go out and purchase a lot of expensive equipment and supplies.

I do have some specific recommendations, but explore the possibilities yourself and find out what works for you. You will need paper, some kind of drawing board or easel, pencils (soft is best, but have a few very hard pencils too), charcoal, pens, markers, erasers, a ruler, and when you want to draw in color, some kind of colored tools like colored pencils, markers, crayons, pastels. Each type of drawing pencil is best used on certain specific types of paper and sketch pads.

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