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Lyricism, Drama, Passion and Beauty

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Carol Worthey

"Prelude (Before Time) is very evocative.  I like the
 way you've used splashes of higher harmonics to
 give freshness and color to the piece."

Otto Luening

Head of Composition Department, Columbia University
Pioneer in the development of Electronic Music

"How you were able to compose that piece when
 you had only one year of harmony at the time
 absolutely amazed me!  The work is advanced."

Darius Milhaud

Famed French Composer and Mentor, Aspen Music Festival

"You think like a composer!"

Vincent Persichetti

Renowned American Composer & Head of Julliard's
Composition Department

"Someday I will be known above all for being
 Carol Worthey's teacher!"

Eddy Lawrence Manson

Academy-Award winning Filmscorer, "The Little Fugitive"

"Carol, you are a very gifted composer and your
 music really communicates."

Chick Corea

Legendary, Multi-Grammy-Award-Winning Jazz Pianist & Composer

"Nocturne (Decision) is effective and pianistic.
 I enjoyed playing it through!"

Leonard Bernstein

Legendary, Conductor, Composer, Educator & Pianist

"Everyone in the class knows by now how to
 arrange, but there are only three real writers
 [i.e. composers] in the class.  You are one of them.
 I believe you will make it bigtime!"

Dick Grove

Famous Arranger & Jazz Educator, Founder of Grove School of Music

"Great choral writing, Carol.  Voices Golden on The
 Silver Wind is gorgeous, really gorgeous and very

Deuane Kuenzi

World-renowned Music Director of Gloriana

My Philosophy of Life: Pluck the Day!

          Philosophy of Life: Pluck the Day

Composer Carol Worthey on music:

"I believe that music has intense power to heal, that it transcends the burdens and cares of daily life. Music transports us to the true center of ourselves, to the realm of feeling and imagination where each of us becomes a universe entire. Music creates loving bonds between people and evaporates the walls that divide us. It is both an individual experience and the building of community.

"My greatest challenge as a composer is to create music of our time that is timeless, that hasn't tossed beauty out yet sounds fresh, that has emotional immediacy as well as technical craft. I strive to make my works heartfelt, accessible and engaging. Please remember that you the Listener are part of the equation. When my music speaks to you, you speak to me and thus the circle of communication becomes complete."

Commissioning Music

How to Commission Music

The important thing to know about any commissioning project is a clear idea of what one wishes to accomplish. This idea sets the tone, tenor and scope of the entire project. Other considerations such as instrumentation or voicing, length, ability level required to perform the work as well as delivery and performance date naturally follow. More...

Fine Art Commissions

How to Commission Fine Art

The successful commission is collaboration between the Artist and the Collector. Project success hinges on your working relationship with the Artist. Communication is the key. More...

Book Releases

Books by
          Carol Worthey from Worthgold Publishing

Preview Performance

Preview of
          OASIS for Flute & Cello

"Oasis" is a signature work created by Carol Worthey especially for Oasis Ensemble, commissioned by flutist Dawn Weiss. Here is its preview performance which inspired Carol's husband Ray Korns to create a picturesque video highlighting all five movements. A poem also called "Oasis" serves as program notes to take the listener from tension to renewal!

Breaking News: Kadriorg Palace Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia

Stanley Wong - Kadriorg Palace, Tallinn, Estonia

Master Pianist Stanley Wong Delights An Attentive Audience in the First of Two Concerts in Colorful, Music-Loving Estonia!


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  • -- News! --

  • CAROL'S MUSIC TOURS CHINA CAROL'S MUSIC TOURS CHINA Concert Pianist Helen Lin made an extensive tour throughout China. The tour began in Beijing at the Central Conservatory of Music where Ms. Lin premiered two Carol Worthey solo piano works "Fantasia" and "Pastorale" . Helen played encores of both works in Jinan, TaiAn, Weifang, Chingzhou, ZiBuo, Zhou Village, Shenzhen, and Zhaoching.

  • VALENTINE SAMPLER On International Woman's Day VALENTINE SAMPLER premiered in Alicante, Spain! The delightful piano duo QuaTTro, Daniel Curichagua and Victoria Marco , featured the World-Premiere of Carol Worthey 's "Valentine Sampler" for Four-Hand Piano

  • BILLOWING BEAUTY BILLOWING BEAUTY An installation of moving sculptures and music Sculptures by Anne Ferrer Music by Carol Worthey Curated by Ed Rubin The Lab at the Roger Smith Hotel 47th & Lexington, New York City

  • A MUSICAL BANQUET A MUSICAL BANQUET in Pacific Palisades, concluded with Carol Worthey 's lyrical and lilting "A Simple Ditty" for Flute and Piano performed by Flute virtuoso Aleksandr Haskin and pianist Mary Au .

  • FACEBOOK FRIENDS NYC Concert, World Premiere of Romanza for Violin & Piano The FACEBOOK FRIENDS CONCERT in NYC! This was more than a concert and the Violin / Piano premiere of 'Romanza'   — this was a music event with its pulse on what's happening in the world of global communications. For more details just click here.

  • World Premiere of Sandcastles by Weiss Family Woodwinds at USC The Weiss Family Woodwinds gave an extraordinarily perfect World Premiere performance of Carol Worthey 's "Sandcastles"   for Flute, Oboe and Bassoon at USC. Flutist Dawn Weiss (who commissioned the work), Oboist David Weiss , and Bassoonist Abraham Weiss can be heard in this performance by clicking here.

  • RUSSIAN SCENES World Premiere RUSSIAN SCENES World Premiere Masterful Cellists Ruslan Biryukov and Maksim Velichkin presented an unforgettable world-premiere of Carol Worthey 's eight "Russian Scenes"   in a performance capturing the total spirit and nuance of each scene. The two Rostropovich proteges took the audience on this musical trip with their dramatic and comedic flair, sheer virtuosity and beautiful sensitivity.

  • Violist Karen Elaine and Pianist Nadia Shpachenko premiered Carol Worthey 's work "Lament for Viola & Piano"    with two performances on the same day. You may hear the premiere performance by clicking on this item.

  • Concert pianist Beth Levin world-premiered Carol Worthey 's 'Romanza'   at Philadelphia's Settlement Music School "Distinguished Alumni Concert" on November 8th. Not a pin dropped nor a cough echoed in the audience to mar Levin's passionate, delicate and tender portrayal.

  • Tubist John Van Houten world premiered two solo tuba pieces of Carol Worthey originally written for double bass in two concerts in October 2009. "Grandpa Reminisces"    was portrayed with the sensitivity, tone color, phrasing and lyricism she intended. With her final work, "Cool Cat" ,  John came on stage sporting an Ed Norton-type slouchy hat and sunglasses and played complete with finger snaps, cat's meows, and other hilarious antics.

  • The Tranquil Moment Series Carol's tranquility series of paintings are now available to order as fine art quality giclée prints at The Tranquil Moment .  These paintings were so popular we have had to create a separate website.

  • Mermaid Mystique Series Carol's mermaid series of paintings are now available to order as fine art quality giclée prints at Mermaid Mystique.   You can visit this magical world by simply clicking here!


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